Interesting First Weigh-in and Personal Training Session of 2020, Plus Health Food!

Hi all,

How is 2020 going for you so far?

I’ve just had my first personal training session of the year, followed by my first weigh-in of 2020!

The training session went well, probably because I practiced a lot over Christmas. Today I did planks, deadbugs, single leg balancing, TRX, step-ups (which I am really beginning to LOVE), pull-downs on the weight machine, dumbells, oblique cable pulls, goblet squats and ball-wall squats (where you bounce a big heavy ball up against the wall, catch it, squat then repeat – a killer!). I don’t know what it is, but I still don’t like squats very much. But I did a lot of arm work today which is great, I really want to get definition in my arms.

One good or bad thing about Quetiapine, depending on which way you look at it, is that it makes you drowsy. I’m only on 50mg a night, and I take the modified-release (MR) version of it, which basically means its effects are drawn out over 24 hours, rather than giving you all of the effects at once. I am basically always a little tired, and I really felt it today. I felt soooo comfortable on the bus to the gym. When the journey ended I felt like I could have slept forever. I’m sure I would have a lot more energy if I wasn’t taking Quetiapine, but I can’t take the risk to my mental health of stopping it. It’s a quandary I’m sure a lot of people with a history of psychosis deal with.

Yesterday I went to the Grape Tree shop in my town. It’s like a slightly cheaper and friendlier Holland & Barratt, with lots of yummy health food. I ended up buying banana chips which I have been slightly bingeing on because they are delicious and moreish, almond flour for carb-free pancakes for breakfast and pistachio nuts. Over Christmas I was treated to some amazing Turkish baklava made of pistachio and syrup. It probably had a lot of sugar in, so I’ve decided to make myself a healthy version; a baklava yoghurt using Fage 0%, pistachios and a dollop of maple syrup. I can’t wait!

My weigh-in today was interesting.

Enter a caption

So, I am down to 11st 13lb YAAY! 2lb from a week ago. However, my body fat is up by almost 2%. This most likely means that I have lost muscle mass, which I can kind of understand as before today, I haven’t had a personal training session since a week before Christmas. It’s still weird though, right? But I’m very happy to be under 12 stone finally. I’d love to lose at least another 2 pounds next week. It’d be great if I can lose 2lb a week until May. That would mean I’d hit my goal in time for my birthday 🙂

How are you getting on with managing your mental health and fitness so far this year? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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