Weigh-in Disappointment, Body Fat and Workout Playlist

Hi all! I went to the gym today, worked out and weighed in. I’m very pleased with my workout. I did planks, deadbugs, sit-ups, step-ups, single-leg raises, dumbells, bosu ball burpees AND press-ups on 40cm platform all on my own, plus 10 minutes on cross trainer and 35 minutes on the treadmill (5 minutes walking then 30 minutes running) and got to 2.39 miles at 35 minutes. So hopefully my arms are pumped full of muscle right now! Well, they’d better be, because…

I weighed in and I’ve stayed the same 😦 I’m trying not to be too disheartened about it because it could be down to a few things; muscle gain, women’s issues or hangover from Christmas indulgence. And I know a maintain is better than a gain. But it’s hard to see the same number on the scales when you’ve been working your a$$ off in the gym and denying yourself food. Don’t get me wrong, I still like what I eat now. Most of it is delicious while being healthy, but there were a few things I could have eaten this week but said no to. Anyway, here is the print-out:

So as you can see, although I am still 11 stone 13 lbs, I have lost body fat. I’m down nearly 3% from last week. So it could very well be muscle gain. It’s not all bad news. It’s important to keep checking that body fat, guys. You could be missing some important NSVs.

I need to remember this because I don’t want to get off-track and think “sod it, I’ll have a binge” as a reaction and then give up. I’ve come too far this time and my goals are too important to me. The reason for my STS (stayed the same) could still be food. Maybe I’m still not eating healthy enough. I have been having a tablespoon of peanut butter every day to ward off the chocolate cravings. I also did kind of binge on those delicious banana chips. But both things although high in fat and carbs respectively, also have protein and fibre respectively. So I don’t know. I did have *some* chocolate too, but nowhere near as much as I would eat if I wasn’t trying to lose weight. Surely you can still have a little of what you like as part of a healthy diet?

Changing the subject, I thought I would share with you guys my Spotify workout playlist. I’ve called it “Motivation” – the first track I added was Normani’s “Motivation”. It’s got a lot of crackers on there! I don’t play it when I’m working out because I prefer to listen to the gym music and be able to hear my breathing, but I listen to it after the gym for my post-workout high on the way home and I listen to it when I do my non-gym-day walks.

I’ll be back with another update soon. Thanks for reading!

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