New Gym Bag, Overeating, Running PB and Pilates

Hi all, I went to Sports Direct in my town earlier this week looking for a new gym bag and I was not disappointed!

As you can see it’s a grey Lonsdale bag with pale pink accents and I love it! Only £6.99! Before I got this, I was honestly carrying my towel etc around in a plastic carrier bag which isn’t a good look for me. So I’m very pleased with my bargain.

Lately I have been struggling a little with my eating. I baked some lebkuchen earlier in the week for a ladies’ lunch. They were lovely but I burnt some. I obviously couldn’t give those ones out to my friends but I didn’t want to waste them. So unfortunately I ate a lot of them, which wasn’t good, obviously! I’m trying to get back on track but for the first time since I started this weight loss journey, I’ve got a huge appetite! When I started last year, I was feeling full and even nauseous a lot due to IBS. But that seems to have subsided now and I’m feeling it! So I’m struggling with controlling my appetite and ensuring I don’t overeat. I’m trying to eat lots of vegetables to try and fill myself up but I may have to reintroduce a little more pasta into my diet to stop the risk of me eating something naughtier.

In workout news, I worked hard today at the gym! I worked very hard on Tuesday doing my HIIT running. I got up to 8.5 for my sprinting. It was a killer so I’m very proud I got through it.

Today I did my normal running after pilates. In pilates we do a lot of pulling in the stomach muscles and reverse crunches which is great because it feels like I’m getting a good abs workout while ensuring good form. With the running, I got to 2 miles in 29:30 which is a new PB for me, so I was very happy about that too. I now walk at level 5-5.5 for the first 5 minutes, run from 6.5, staying mostly at 6.8 and get up to 7.6 towards the end of the 35 minutes.

So I feel like I’m making real progress in the gym. Just hoping the scale is good to me at my weigh-in on Saturday. Wish me luck!

Published by alicemowse

Writer. Occasional performer, stitcher. One book published so far, my collection of poems 'Saved by Porpoise' available on Kindle. Featured in the anthology 'Around The Mulberry Tree'

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