Recipe, Mindset and Weigh-in

Hi all,

I’ve been feeling much better this past week. I’m back on track at the gym, I got up to 9.2 in speed on my HIIT treadmill sprints which I’m very pleased about. I’m doing press-ups on a 30cm soft platform and getting in 40 stomach crunches in one go, among other little things.

I had a trip to Tesco last week and decided to buy some ingredients for a little recipe experimentation. I think this is one of the great things about a serious weight loss plan/lifestyle change; cooking! I love trying new recipes and expanding my repertoire in the kitchen.

This week I mainly tried out new breakfasts. One was blueberry pancakes which were divine. I will share the recipe in the next post or the one after that, when I can get them looking fit for photographing! But for this post I want to share “Peach and Orange Yoghurt Pots with Ginger Oats” from the BBC Good Food Magazine. I bought the actual magazine – months and months ago :O – and have only just got around to reading it! But it is up on the website.

The recipe in the magazine instructs you to serve it in ramekins but I’m not posh enough to have ramekins yet, so I adapted the recipe for a plain old cereal bowl.

I think it looks pretty good! It certainly tasted amazing. Calories are 357 per pot, so were probably a little higher for me since I used a bowl. Fat 11g, carbs 47g, sugars 27g, fibre 5g and protein 14g. So a little high on the carbs and sugar, but full of protein and the healthy carbs and fruit are the perfect pre-workout treat of a breakfast.

Basically you grate an orange and squeeze the juice into a little pan, chuck in a chopped peach and nectarine, cook for a few minutes, then throw in your oats and a sprinkle of pine nuts, cinnamon and ginger and serve with greek yoghurt, and the recipe says sultanas but I hate them – yuk! So I chose dried cranberries instead. For the greek yoghurt, I used 0% Fage, as although it is very good for you, greek yoghurt can be surprisingly high in fat and sugar. I’ve loved using Fage for years. And it seems lots of other people do too. It goes very quickly at the supermarket when there’s an offer on!

Hope you enjoy trying this delicious breakfast.

Yesterday I was totally off-track foodwise as it was a dear friend’s big birthday. We went to an all-you-can-eat buffet and I literally ate all I could. Lots of chinese stuff (my favourite) so sweet and sour chicken, lots of rice. I tried to be good and add lots of vegetables too, but it was loaded with sugar. I also had lots of cake and a glass of champagne!

I think it’s important to indulge yourself on special occasions, otherwise you could quickly grow to resent being on a “diet” and fall off the wagon. I’m back on track today which I’m proud of myself for. I did have to give myself a pep talk this morning, but I was back at the gym and I’ve eaten very well today. Here’s the weigh-in!

As you can see I have stayed the same, but I’m down 0.1% on my body fat and 0.1 on my BMI. I was debating with myself over whether to weigh in today after yesterday’s indulgence but I decided to face the music and I’m glad I have. A lot of people say that much of weight loss is in the mind and it’s so true. You need to keep giving yourself pep talks and making the right choices for yourself.

I’m going to continue working hard and hoping for a loss at my next weigh-in.

Thanks for reading, guys! How is your weight loss journey going?

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