My First Blog Post

Hello and Welcome

Thank you for coming to my blog!

Hello! I am a 33 year old single woman and I have been trying to lose weight for years. I have had some success in the past, and then gained back and thensome with Quetiapine, my medication that stops me from going manic.

I had a health scare back in the Spring and required a check up. This involved being weighed. I was shocked that I had gained a stone and a half since being on Quetiapine. But I knew I wasn’t happy with the way I looked in photos or the mirror. So I decided to start going to the gym more (I was a lapsed member) and cutting back on junk food. I didn’t see much of a result, so in September, I decided to invest in a personal trainer, and have lost half a stone since. I am still seeing him once a week and making a real effort with what I eat, cooking more food from scratch and cutting right down on sugar especially.

I am going to be posting regular updates on my progress as well as more information about my mental health and the traumas that led me here and how I have broken through them.

Please say “hi” in the comments if you’re new to my blog!

Thanks for reading!

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